Bettin’ on Baby Shull

Well, I think I have the best family in the world. And since it’s been over 19 years since our last baby, they are needless to say very excited about this one. Last night, at our belated Fourth of July party, we all paid $15 a person and turned in our answers to the Shull Baby Pool. It was very interesting to see what everyone thought. We didn’t talk about our answers, we just filled out the pool and turned them in. As we looked over everyones entries, it was funny how so many of us think the same thing. Here are the questions and their most popular answer choices. 13 of us participated (sorry Austin…you left too soon!).

Baby’s Gender: 10 out of 13 say boy (which is also what my 3 employees and 3 closest friends say)
Baby’s Date of Birth: 5 out of 13 say September 19 (two days early).
Baby’s Length: group average was 21.5″
Baby’s Weight: group average was 7.6 lbs
Time of Day baby is born: 7 out of 13 say before 11:00 AM
First Initial of Baby’s Name: 5 out of 13 say S (I thought that was interesting since we’ve given no clues)
Number of hours I am in labor: 4.5 hours

So, my family thinks I’m having a nice size baby boy and will only be in labor a few hours…I could totally live with that. I love you all!

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