Smith’s box

When Kensington was one month old, I posted this about Kensington’s box. Now, my dad and this time Ken, are heading up to Colorado to bury Smith’s box. I think it is so neat that Ken wants to go and be a part of this event. Almost 11 years ago, my Granddaddy (Smith William’s namesake) passed away. He would have loved to have met Andrew and seen my babies. Ken, my grandmother’s husband of 9 years now, has done a remarkable job blending in with our tight knit family and being a wonderful Papaw to my kids. They adore him. I’m honored that he wants to hike up into the mountains with my dad and bury another time capsule.
I said this before when we buried Kensington’s box, it’s very bittersweet. I know that when Smith is old enough to go to Colorado and dig up his box, things will be different in our family. Life happens, years go by and we all must move on. We are again each putting something into his time capsule for him to have (my Grandmother even added a very special pin that was my Granddaddy’s). The photo below was taken on Sunday at Ken’s birthday party and it will be enclosed as well. I am very blessed and so grateful to have my wonderful family. I hope and pray that on the day that Smith William opens his box, he knows how much he’s loved.

Andrew, Sean, Papa Jay, Brandon, Bryan, Kensington, Shay, Grandmother, Pam, Lovie, Casey, Brooke, Ken and Smith William

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  • Hilary August 6, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Love it! We did a time capsule for Zachary at his first birthday but it is on a top shelf in my closet sealed tightly. How cool that Kensington & Smith have a box in the mountains. I can't imagine the emotions that will be flowing when they dig up their boxes. One question….how are you going to know where they are buried? I am sure your dad has it all figured out. I'm just curious! Thanks for sharing. Hope I am around in 16 years to read the blog posts about the time capsule dig. HIL