Baby Shower, Buble, & Bryan’s Birthday!

Ok. on Saturday, my sweet friends threw me the most WONDERFUL Sip and See Shower for everyone to meet Kensington Kate. It was so special and words can’t describe how blessed I felt to have so many special friends.
My sweet hostesses, Leslie, Laura, Erika, Andrea, Whitney and Rachel
Erika’s house looked so beautiful! They went above and beyond with the personal touches.
Us with the Clemens girls, Dani, Janet and Kara
My sweet friend Janelle came up. We’ve been friends since Kindergarden.
The person of honor with Grandmother
My aunt Pam, Grandmother and Mom
My sweet friends
Kensington and Carter

Thank you for such a wonderful shower!!!!

On to the Micheal Buble concert…

We are the BIGGEST Micheal Buble fans! BIGGEST! We went to his concert in April and then on Saturday we went and had THIRD ROW TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the BEST concert I have ever been to. And the best part is…HE TOUCHED ME! Yes, since we were so close, at the end he shook my hand. Yes…I am a happy, happy woman. I have such the crush but that’s ok because Andrew gives me permission to crush on Buble.

Pretty good seats, wouldn’t you say?

This one is so blurry because he was so close to me and I was trying to take a picture and look at him at the same time. Not a great picture but it shows how close we were.
And now to Bryan’s Birthday Party…
Uncle Sean and the burrito

Thank you Ken for the Fish Fry! It was WONDERFUL!
We took this picture to put in to Kensington’s box. I will blog about the box later. And no, my uncle Bryan was not just released from a looney bin (due to the metal army hat on his head), he got this authentic WWII hat from Brandon and Casey for his birthday right before we took this picture.


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