Showing You Where We Live Part 5 (with a PS)

My Kitchen…

I love this coffee pot…I have one here and one at our office…they’re WONDERFUL!

Anyone who knows me, knows I should own stock in Circle E Candles. I buy 2 a week…yes…they burn all day, every day at my house.

Where Tulip eats…I painted those bowls for her last summer.

PS: So, after every post, I’m going to add a PS for Pregnancy Sucks (or Pregnancy Stuff…it’s not all bad…or so I’m told). In my PS, I will mention some things that are going on with me and the pregnancy…mostly for my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt V and such to read…

So, today’s PS is why I think Pregnancy Sucks (that’s going to be the title of the book I’ll write some day. My husband has eagerly asked to write the forward). Only 9 1/2 weeks into it, I am already throwing up multiple times a day. I don’t know why I wouldn’t expect this…this is my third pregnancy and I was sick during the other two. My mom asked me to remind her today how long I was sick with Kensington…21 weeks Mom! And that’s why I think PS. 🙂

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