Tips and Tricks: Baking Essentials

Hello!  Hello!  It’s Fall!  I don’t know about you but nothing gets me in the kitchen cooking and baking more then autumn.  Every Friday during the month of September, I’m going to feature a few tips and tricks that I use year around but especially during the fall.  First up, baking essentials everyone should have on hand…here you go…
1. A box of brownie mix (click here to see how to jazz up plain old brownies)
2. A large box of instant vanilla pudding (click here to see just one example of how I use this in an emergency situation)
3. A box of yellow cake mix and a can of store bought chocolate frosting (a cake, cake balls or cupcakes can be whipped up in no time with these two superstars)
4. A new bottle of cinnamon.  I go through one bottle of cinnamon a month (seriously!) but I know most of you do not.  Buy a new bottle every fall, so that your yummy fall food has maximum flavor.  Old cinnamon in the cabinet will not taste the same as a fresh new bottle.
5. A new box of baking soda.  I replace mine twice a year…you may or may not remember the last time you replaced yours…go ahead and replace it today.  A fresh box will not only help with your baking but freshen up your fridge as well.
6. A box of Baker’s candy coating (white or dark chocolate).  My friends make fun of me (ok…Andrea does) because I keep this stuff on hand and use it all the time to dip things in it (like pretzel rods, strawberries, cake balls, etc.).  This stuff can help you out in no time if you need a last minute dessert.
7. A new bottle of vanilla.  Come on…when was the last time you bought one?  Buy a new bottle for fall.
And here are some things you don’t necessarily have to have but they sure do help make it a fun fall for baking…
1. A can of pumpkin pie filling.
2. A can of apple pie filling.
3. A box of spice cake mix with a can of cream cheese frosting.
4. A bag of candy corn (there is so much you can do with candy corn!)
5. Refrigerated sugar cookie dough.
6. A can of Crescent Rolls.
Happy Baking!
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  • Aubs September 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    love this! some of these i wouldn't of ever thought to keep on hand (i'm one of those mostly only buy what i need for the week kind of girl) but a few of these could be really helpful!

    happy fall!!!
    we're gonna be in the dallas area in a couple weeks and i'm HOPING ~or maybe dreaming~ that the weather decides to be more fall-ish by then! 😉

  • Sheaffer, Chris, Scout, and baby Carter September 7, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Great tips! I would guess my bottle of vanilla is about 3 years old. I will "invest" in a new one for the fall! :). And Shay, a new bottle of cinnamon every month? That's impressive.

  • Slightly Askew Designs September 10, 2012 at 12:38 am

    I totally mock your references to "pull out the candy coating you have on hand", but I'll never turn down anything that you've dipped in it 😉