Soda Pop-sicles

I mentioned last week that we are popsicle crazy around here!  Last week, Greek Yogurt Popsicles, this week…Soda Pop-sicles :).
I took three bottles of soda…
…and turned them into yummy frozen treats!
Grab your favorite soda and some fun add-ins and your good to go.  We combined Coca-Cola with real cherries, Fanta with white chocolate chips (tastes like a dreamsicle!) and Vanilla Cream Soda with chocolate chips (my favorite).  Easy, fun, fast and frozen.  The perfect summer treat!
This recipe makes 10 popsicles.
Shopping List
2 (12 oz) bottles of your favorite soda
a few little add-ins (we did 3 cherries per soda or about a tablespoon of chocolate chips)
10 wooden popsicle sticks
Popsicle molds should be at room temperature before assembling.  Spray down inside each mold with non-stick cooking spray.
 Slowly pour soda into the molds leaving an inch on top.  Carefully drop your add-ins into the molds.
Pop molds into freezer and freeze for one hour.  After one hour, place the wooden sticks inside each mold.  Continue to freeze at least 7 hours before removing.
When you’re ready to serve, run your sink until the water is very hot.  Holding the mold, place the bottom portion under your hot water for about 20 to 30 seconds.  After that, you should be able to grab the sticks and easily remove each popsicle.  If they’re not coming out easily, run the bottom of the mold under hot water a few seconds more.
Remove, serve and enjoy.
My kiddos want to make Soda Pop-sicles with Root Beer and butterscotch chips next time and I want to make them with Sprite and lemon zest .  So easy and so fun to make!
Enjoy your Soda Pops!
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Soda Pop-Sicles Recipe, Soda Pop-sicles