Five Bean Casserole

Awe!  I’m so excited to share this recipe with you today because it’s one of our family’s favorites!!  My in-laws have been making their 5 Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving for over 40 years!  Anytime we have a big meal up there, it’s on the menu too.  This recipe goes perfectly with turkey or ham, but it’s also good just by itself.  This recipe should totally be on your Thanksgiving table too this year!  I hope you love it as much as we do!


Five Bean Casserole

  • Author: Mix and Match Mama
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 hours
  • Total Time: 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Yield: 8 to 12 1x


My in-laws have been making this side dish every Thanksgiving for over 40 years!  I could eat a big bowl of this and skip the turkey altogether!



  • 16 pieces of bacon, fried to a crisp and set aside
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • salt and pepper
  • 1½ teaspoon garlic salt
  • 1 teaspoon dry mustard
  • ½ cup cider vinegar
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 (15 oz) can red beans, drained
  • 1 (15 oz) can green beans, drained
  • 1 (15 oz) can large Lima beans, drained
  • 1 (15 oz) can baby Lima beans, drained
  • 1 (28 oz) can baked beans, do not drain (we use a maple flavored baked beans)


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2.  Grease (I use Pam) a 9×12 baking dish.  Set aside.
  3. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add in your chopped onion and saute a minute (you can either add in a little of your bacon grease or a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  Sprinkle in a little salt and pepper along with your garlic salt.
  4. After about five minutes (when your onions have started to soften), stir in your dry mustard followed by the apple cider vinegar and brown sugar.  Allow this mixture to come together on the stove top about 15 minutes.
  5. In your prepared baking dish, add in all five of your beans.  Next, pour your onion and sauce mixture down over the top of your beans and bake uncovered 2½ hours.  After that, quickly remove the beans from the oven and sprinkle down your crispy bacon before popping it back in the oven to cook another 20 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven and enjoy!


My in-laws always think this recipe is even better if prepped the night before!  Follow the directions exactly but instead of baking, pop it in the fridge to sit over night and then bake off the next morning.

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog November 20, 2019 at 7:41 am

    Such a fun recipe! Love how colourful the dish is! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Reply Debby November 20, 2019 at 10:55 am

    This casserole sounds delicious, but am i reading this correct that it cooks for almost 3 hours??

  • Reply Charly November 20, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    This sounds delicious! I’m definitely going to add it to the Thanksgiving menu! Can I mix and match (see what I did there 😉😉) the beans or do I need to use the ones listed?

    • Reply Mix and Match Mama November 21, 2019 at 6:05 am

      Hahaha! I’ve only made this exact recipe with these beans, but I do not see what you couldn’t mix and match it 😉 .

  • Reply Anna Pruitt November 30, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    I made this for Thanksgiving, and the beans were burned and hard. Sooooooo disappointed. 🙁 I’m gonna try it again but only cook it for half the cooking time. I will also cover it with foil next time. Hopefully that will work! 🙂

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