Another Day in the Life of Kensington

Yesterday, Kensington turned 9 months old…how is it that the first 9 months to bring her here took FOREVER, and this past 9 months with her has gone by TOO FAST! I love my little girl so much! Every day, we set out for another adventure together…here is what we did yesterday…

Good morning! Time to bust you out of jail!

She is really good with her shape sorter. She loves to pull the shapes out of their spot and try to stick them back in.

A quick snack before Baby Boot Camp

It was windy at Baby Boot Camp!

She was all smiles at the grocery store (I forgot to take pictures of that!), but then as we were leaving, she marked on her face with my pen and I had to take it away…not happy.

The people at Kroger probably thought I was nuts taking pictures of my crying baby on the way out.

But then she had a nap and life was good. That’s her bee…her daddy bought it to help her with her animal sounds.

Lunch…greenbeans with rice and crackers.

Then we played in the little pool in the backyard.

So, Andrew and I are getting her ready to be in the circus (she should keep her options open, right?). We see how long she can balance things on her head. (Please don’t call CPS) Sometimes I can get her to balance a toy and bite on another one. She grins really big. She likes our “circus” play.

All of that playing makes a girl need some juice.

She then jumped in her exersaucer…she jumps so hard that it’s difficult to snap pictures.

Time for another nap…

Dinner time!

Daddy’s home!

Playing with her learning table (the legs have proven to be too dangerous)

Kensington and her daddy practice animal sounds and recognition at least 5 times a day. She loves the animal sounds!

I think we’re saying “buzzzzz” here when Daddy points to the bee.

Every night, Daddy gives Kensington her bath while mommy cleans up after dinner. She likes to watch the water come out of the faucet.

All clean and ready for bed! Good night!

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