K & S go to Europe: Day 2 Anne Frank’s house

We arrived in London on day 2. We parted ways with my mom and dad and waited for our flight to Amsterdam. Here we are having an English breakfast at the airport.

I thought it was funny that when we first arrived inside the London terminal, Kensington spotted a Starbucks. She said “Starbucks, Starbucks, I so happy”. I guess my girl was glad to see something familiar after being stuck in a plane for 10 hours.

We arrived in Amsterdam and checked into the beautiful Marriott Hotel. It was right next to a massive park and across from one of Amsterdam’s famous canals.

As soon as we arrived, we headed out. First stop, Anne Frank’s house. This was one of my absolute favorite parts of our trip. Being inside the secret hideaway where Anne Frank and another family lived for over two years is really captivating. It’s moments like these that set travelers a part from other people. You can read about Anne Frank, watch the movie, study the diary…but until you actually climb the narrow stairs to the secret room where 10 people hid from the Nazis…until you touch the bookcase that hid the entry…you really don’t understand or appreciate the story. We waited in line for 45 minutes but it was totally worth it. Cameras (and strollers) weren’t allowed inside, so I don’t have any inside pictures. Our kids were such troopers during our tour. At this point, they still hadn’t slept in almost two days (other than the plane ride).

Look at the line to get inside.

Our first dinner in Amsterdam…pizza!

Bless his sweet heart…he was so tired!

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  • Aubrey July 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    The Anne Frank house is on my list of things to do…SOON. When I was a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on about WW2, but Anne Frank and Corrie ten Boom (The Hiding Place) were my two absolute favorites.

    Hooray for Holland! Hooray for pancakes and (not so French) fries!