Things that make you smile…

On Monday, we went to the park with some of our friends.  I, of course, left my camera at home and therefore pleaded with Sheaffer to snap pictures, post them on her blog and allow me to steal them.  This seems to work every time.  My kiddos sliding together.

Two very hot and sweaty looking boys.  They’re really the perfect friends.  On most days, Smith refuses to eat his lunch and Nixon eats it for him.  As long as the lunch is being consumed, I’m happy.

Carter, Kensington and Ebby Lee having a “dance show” at the park.

Such sweet friends!

And if you want your kids to have this happy, frosting covered smile, head on over to Mix and Match Mama for a Kool-Aid cupcake recipe.  So easy and so yummy!!

…these are the things that make me smile.


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