July 4th Menu

This Friday is July 4th!
I just love the fact that the holiday falls on a Friday this year.  Nothing is more random and harder to work around than a mid-week holiday.  Whenever July 4th falls on like a Wednesday, I’m confused for like two weeks.  
This year, it’s simple…we treat Thursday like Friday, we party hard on Friday (and by party hard, I mean I play a mean game of water volleyball and eat an extra helping of dessert), we sleep in on Saturday and then enjoy the rest of our weekend.
Love it.
If you’re like me, everything you’ll eat this weekend will come off the grill and be served by the pool under a display of fireworks…so here you go, my suggested July 4th menu…
My Berry Fruit Salad is perfect as a side to your grilled feast.  It’s light and colorful and very festive.
My Mama’s Corn Salad is required for our July 4th festivities.  We all love this stuff.  Seriously sooooo good!
Speaking of things required at our poolside festivities…our BBQ Grean Beans is one of them too.  After you make these, it’s really hard to go back to boring basic beans ever again!
And for the grill…we’re having both Turkey Dogs and …
…one of my burgers (like these Cheddar Beer Burgers!).
And we have a big lineup for dessert…
We’ll be eating my Red, White and Blue Rice Krispies Treats during the day by the pool.  My kiddos love making these with me in the kitchen!
You could also make my Red, White and Blue Bars.  They’re basic sugar cookie bars but with festive M&Ms and sprinkles on top.  Yummy!!
And the ultimate July 4th dessert…my Red, White and Blue Trifle.  I love it because it’s made in advance, I love it because it’s simple and I love it because it’s absolutely delicious!
Grab a watermelon, drinks, your friends and family and a blanket under some fireworks and you’re done.  It’s time to celebrate!
Happy Menu Planning!!
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  • Lindsay D. July 1, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Thanks for the recipes! We will be making more than one of yours over the 4th!! We tried your momma's corn salad recently and loved it!! We will be making it again this weekend. A good burger topping idea is cream cheese with fresh diced jalapeños – we love it!! Have a happy and safe 4th!!

  • BrittKathleen July 1, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Awesome recipes!! I'll be using these for sure!!

  • Kimm Atwood July 1, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you for making it so easy to feed my family and for making me look awesome at parties showing up with these fab recipes!!!! Thank god for your recipes!!! Love them all!!! Happy 4th sweet lady!!!!

  • Erica July 4, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Just jumped over to your page to grab the BBQ green bean recipe I saw the other day! Thanks for posting these recipes in advance. Made my planning a little easier. -Erica @ WhimsicalSeptember.com