Meal Planning Monday #12

Did you have a nice weekend?  Mine went by way too fast!  And this week…I am going to be super, super busy!  We are heading out of town, which means this mama can’t waste a lot of time this week fretting over dinner…it needs to be simple, fast and yummy!  Here we go…
Spinach Pesto Pasta Bake is the perfect pasta supper!  My family could eat pasta every night…we just never get tired of it!  We’re going to use some yummy pesto tonight and on Day 3 too!

Turkey Chili over Cornbread Waffles looks super fancy but it’s not!  This is actually the perfect weeknight meal because the chili cooks up all day in the slow cooker.  Don’t have time to whip up easy waffles?  Skip them!  Just serve tortilla chips instead!
Pesto Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers uses some more of our pesto from Day 1!  Cook your chicken in the slow cooker all day and dinner will come together in minutes.  All you need is a big salad to go with it!
Broccoli and Sausage Ravioli is THE casserole I bring to everyone who has had a baby, been in the hospital, or just flat out needs a meal.  I bring it because everyone always raves about it!  But the best part?  It is so, so, so, so simple!  Trust me.  Read this recipe.  Simple and delicious!
Root Beer Brisket Tostadas are flavorful and yet so simple!  The brisket cooks all day in your slow cooker and then you just shred it up when you’re ready for dinner.  Big flavor, little effort.
Vanilla Bean Noel is my first Christmas cake of the season!  I named this cake after my very favorite scent in the whole wide world.  And this cake?  Loved by all of my “taste -testers”.  Merry Bundt Cake!
Chocolate Chip Pie is the perfect bonus dessert for this week!  Tis the season for pie baking (hello, Thanksgiving!)…such a yummy dessert!
Spinach Guacamole Dip is the very best of both worlds…guacamole and spinach dip combined…heaven on a chip!
Happy Monday!
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  • Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} November 18, 2013 at 11:20 am

    The brisket tostadas and that spinach dip are two of my favorite recipes of yours! So SO good!!!

  • Sheila (Sass and Sweat) November 18, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Love the brisket tostadas and the spinach pesto pasta bake. I may try it with chicken too. Great recipes!