The Incredible Holt

Hey friends,

Today, I’m coming together with some of my real life friends to share with you the story of The Incredible Holt.  This is Sheaffer’s cousin’s little boy and right now, they’re facing a giant: cancer.  Andrew and I have been praying for them now for many weeks and my true prayer today is that you begin praying for Holt and his family as well.  Sheaffer has sent over their story and ways we can all give, so I urge you to read on and consider how you can help this family too.  God bless all of you out there this Friday. xo

My cousin Alden has a 3 year old son named Holt, who we are now calling The Incredible Holt. Holt is as precocious as they come, sweet as can be, and he has some spunk in him as well. He is a whole lot of fun!

Sweet Holt was diagnosed with cancer on September 21st. After multiple biopsies and soooo many tests over the last 6 months, the doctors have determined that Holt has a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called Anaplastic Large T-Cell lymphoma.

Below is a picture of Holt’s family. Alden used to teach in Frisco, but she became a stay at home mom when she had Holt. She also used to do a little part time work at her church (Preston Trail), but right now she’s focusing all of her time and attention on Holt. Jeff is an English teacher and Varsity football coach at Boyd High School, right here in McKinney.

Alden is also pregnant and due in December. So, not only will they be undergoing treatment with Holt, she will also be caring for a sweet little newborn.

The preliminary treatment plan focuses on chemo. Holt received his port on Tuesday, and he’s already received his first 2 chemo treatments.  Holt will receive 6 “blocks”, or rounds, of chemo in three-four week cycles equaling out to about 6 months of treatment. Every block of treatment begins with a 5-6 day hospital stay where Holt will receive chemo for 5 days in a row and then we will head home for about 2 weeks. 

Just like all of us would do for our own children, Jeff and Alden are going to do whatever they need to do to get their boy the best treatment they can. They are a financially responsible young couple, but they were not prepared for this, as I don’t think many families would be.

This sweet family has gone through so much, and they still have such a long road ahead. I would be thrilled if our little community came together to help, The power behind each of us giving even just $10 each could have such an impact! Would y’all join me? Let’s rally together to take some of the financial burden of fighting cancer off of Alden and Jeff. Let’s give them a little peace of mind during this stressful season.




If you would like to give directly to the family through their Go Fund Me account, you can click here. Any amount would be so greatly appreciated. Personally, I don’t want Alden and Jeff to spend one second worrying over the financial aspect of this journey. I want them only to focus on their precious boy.

Click HERE to to get to their Go Fund Me page.

Please take a minute to watch this beautiful video that my friend Andrea made for Holt. The audio that you hear of Holt’s little voice was from earlier this year when they were in Philadelphia for some testing. They had been at the hospital that day, and a ton of doctors had been running tests on his eyes (they first thought he had eye cancer). Holt refused to open his eyes for like 24 hours after the procedures because he was so scared, and Alden captured this moment between them on her iPhone.

We all have a lot to learn from Holt. He has such an incredible faith.


If you watched the video, then you know that the t-shirt below honors Holt perfectly. Chris and I will both be sporting the dark grey adult version, and Carter will be wearing the light grey kid version. They are ONLY $15! I of course love that the proceeds will go straight to Holt’s family, but I also love the idea of people wearing these tees and sharing Holt’s story!

This t shirt campaign will run until October 14th. At that point, it will close and then shirts will be printed and shipped. Estimated arrival is October 30th.

Alden also has a good friend that designed some super cute t-shirts with Alden’s faith in mind. Click HERE to see the t-shirts that were inspired by Alden. Love!


My friends at Accessory Concierge have worked so incredibly hard over the last week to create this gorgeous and very special necklace that we are calling THE HOLT. They are graciously going to give 20% of the sales straight to Alden’s family. I’m so thankful for this!

I am SO PROUD of this necklace and my Accessory Concierge friends. When I approached them with this idea, they happily jumped in and got to work! It is PERFECTLY Fall and will go with so many different outfits. I love SHOPPING FOR A CAUSE, and I hope y’all do too! And don’t just shop for yourself, this would be a great time to stock up on Christmas presents AND help a wonderful family.

These FABULOUS necklaces would typically retail for $48, but the special price is $24. Code: INCREDIBLEHOLT

And here it is on me! I’m telling you, you NEED this necklace!

Let’s all come together to contribute to this cause and support this incredible family! I know that our community could be such a blessing to Alden, Jeff, and Holt.

In addition helping to ease this financial burden, we would also greatly appreciate your prays for Holt, the family, and the doctors. To follow along with their journey and keep up to date with specific prayer requests, click HERE. Alden writes beautifully about her faith and this journey. And for those of you that like to pray for very specific needs, Alden does a great job listing very pointed prayer requests.

And to review, here are ways to help:

  1. Donate to GO FUND ME
  2. Buy a T-Shirt (The Incredibe Holt tee or Alden’s tees)
  3. Buy a Holt Necklace
  4. PRAY

WE LOVE YOU, HOLT! You have THOUSANDS praying for you!

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  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog October 5, 2018 at 4:38 am

    Thank you for spreading the message about sweet little Holt, Shay! Praying for the best for him! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Sheaffer Sims October 5, 2018 at 5:20 am

    Thank you so much for joining with me to bring awareness, solicit prayers, and hopefully raise a ton of money for Holt! Love you so much and am so thankful for my friends that are willing to join forces!

  • Elspeth Mizner October 5, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Sending my continued thoughts and prayers

  • Narci October 5, 2018 at 6:12 am

    Praying this morning!

  • Rosey October 5, 2018 at 6:26 am

    Prayers to Holt and his family!!!

  • Melissa October 5, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Praying for Holt and his family.

  • Andee October 5, 2018 at 7:22 am

    Praying over Holt! And will continue as I wear my awesome shirt!

    Thanks for sharing and using your blog to shine light!

  • Natalie October 5, 2018 at 7:45 am

    Praying for Holt and his family!

  • Clattie Skiles October 5, 2018 at 8:27 am

    Praying for this sweet boy and his family! ❤️

  • kellie carrara October 5, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Thank you for sharing! Bless this sweet boy and his family. I just purchased a necklace.
    My daughter started a charity for children fighting big illnesses…she is now in 8th grade and sends packages to children all around the world. She would LOVE to send one to Holt to make him smile and keep his spirits up. All she asks is that you fill out this form on her site!
    Praying for healing and health!

    • Mix and Match Mama October 5, 2018 at 8:40 am

      Wow!! That’s amazing, Kellie!!

  • Tricia Rife October 5, 2018 at 8:31 am

    I currently have a list of kiddos on my phone who are battling cancer, including my own nephew, Cameron, age 11. I’ve added Holt to my list of kids whom I’m praying for. Trusting, believing, and asking God for total healing over this precious boy!

    • Mix and Match Mama October 5, 2018 at 8:40 am

      Thank you so much, Tricia. I’m going to pray for Cameron right now.

      • Tricia Rife October 5, 2018 at 9:53 am

        Thank you so very much, Shay! 🙂

  • Patty October 5, 2018 at 8:34 am

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in January. I did 18 chemo treatments, 4 blood transfusions, 4 fluid infusions, 10 radiation treatments to my brain and neck and 30 radiation treatments to my chest. One week ago today I was told my cancer is in remission. I credit the Doctors and Nurses that took care of me but more so all the people that prayed for me. I will have to have scans the rest of my life but everyone is still praying. I will include Holt in my prayers. I just turned 68 and I found it all hard to understand. I can’t imagine a child going through all of this. Please keep us informed on his progress.

    • Mix and Match Mama October 5, 2018 at 8:40 am

      Oh my gosh! Patty!! What a miracle!! I am in awe of this testimony! God bless you!!

  • Meg October 5, 2018 at 8:49 am

    This brought tears to my eyes instantly! Sending prayers!!!

  • Kim Nations October 5, 2018 at 9:04 am

    I purchased my necklace. Praying for this sweet family..

  • Kim Fleming October 5, 2018 at 9:05 am


  • Debbra L Weber October 5, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Thank you for posting. Team Jack is a huge deal here in Nebraska. It supports the families and research for pediatric cancer. Prayers and a contribution to Holt and his sweet family are heading from Nebraska to Texas. Thank you, again, for sharing.

  • Bri October 5, 2018 at 9:25 am

    Oh my! Many prayers and hugs to this family. Thank you for sharing his story; breaks my heart.

  • Debbra L Weber October 5, 2018 at 9:31 am

    Team Jack is a huge deal here in Nebraska. It supports families and medical research for pediatric cancer. Prayers and a donation to the family are headed to Texas. Thank you for sharing their story!

  • Suhana Alam October 5, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Donated. Holt & family, stay strong. Lots of love and prayers from Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Katy Tarbutton October 5, 2018 at 9:44 am

    Just ordered my Holt Necklace!!! Praying for this family.

  • shawnna Griffin October 5, 2018 at 9:57 am

    hey girl- I will be praying for the Price family and little Holt. God is with them. He has them in his hands.

  • Susan October 5, 2018 at 9:57 am

    I’m praying for Holt! I bought a necklace and plan to purchase t-shirts, too. Thanks for letting your readers be a part of what God is doing and will do in Holt’s little journey. No amount of suffering is wasted. I believe Holt’s story will touch many people. Bless you!

  • SC October 5, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Praying for sweet Holt! Just purchased a necklace. Just curious if the proceed would 100% go to fund Holt? or a percentage? Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Mix and Match Mama October 5, 2018 at 11:37 am

      From the necklace? The retailer is giving 20% to the family. Thank you!!

  • Kelly Davis October 5, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Praying for him and his precious family. Especially his Momma and Daddy… to be held so tightly and securely in the arms of their heavenly Father, that they know without doubt He loves their beloved son with the love He holds for His own righteous Son. Praying peace, healing, and miracles in their every day midst.

  • HEATHER October 5, 2018 at 11:14 am

    Praying for healing over precious Holt and lifting up his family.

  • Laurel M October 5, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    My heart is so heavy reading this. It’s not that I didn’t care about these stories in the past, but I became a mom this year and now these stories grip me so much stronger. Contributed to go fund me! Sending all the love I can to the family <3

  • Kelly Franks October 5, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Just donated. We have a friend who’s son is two and was diagnosed with another form of cancer and they just had a precious baby girl with hydrocephalus. We’ve been praying so much for them and it just breaks my heart. Both of her babies are doing great. I’ll continue to pray for the Incredible Holt!

  • Lois Hilty October 5, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    How can I be added so I receive updates from the Price’s to my email? Thank you.

    • Mix and Match Mama October 6, 2018 at 9:19 am

      I believe you can via their Caring Bridge site!

  • Jessie October 5, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    Having two little boys of our own, my husband and I were so moved by Holt’s video. We donated and we are more importantly praying for sweet Holt and his family.

    • Mix and Match Mama October 6, 2018 at 9:19 am

      Thank you so much. xo

  • Lindsay D. October 5, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    Prayers for Holt and his family!! Sending love from Colorado!!

  • Angela Ellingson October 6, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    Praying for that sweet boy and his precious family. It’s amazing checking back in and watching the go fund me climb.

  • Ashley Schaefer October 7, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Hi! I sent you a Facebook message last night but I’m not sure you will get it. I have a good friend here and Frisco going through a very similar situation and was wondering if we could maybe connect the moms? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Mix and Match Mama October 8, 2018 at 5:13 am

      Email me and I will forward it on to Sheaffer (the mama’s cousin).

  • JEANNIE October 8, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Thoughts and Prayers to this young family!!

  • JEnnifer October 8, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Of course Holt is in my prayers. My husband is currently dealing with cancer and just went through a stem cell transplant (I write this from his hospital room) so this hits close to home

  • Danielle Chambers October 8, 2018 at 8:37 pm


    Thank you for sharing this. I will be praying and I donated! There is a little girl named Rowen Auer who is fighting an illness right now and (I own a business) I got the honor of being a part of an auction (@auctionforrowen) to raise money for the family’s business expenses. Just wanted to give you guys an idea if you wanted to do that to continue to raise money. Basically you could just use your platform to ask businesses to donate what they can for an online silent auction on Instagram. I would be the first to sign up to offer a store credit from my online shop as a donation. Just an idea. I will continue to pray.

    Much love to you and your family!

  • Lori October 9, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Just ordered a necklace. Praying for this family. (Ann Marie T.s Mom)