Our new play room!

Last weekend, we decided to turn our 4th bedroom from Andrew’s TV room into a play room. I had no idea how much we would love it. This makes the room much more user friendly.

We got rid of all of the existing furniture…we took the two chairs from the family room and put them in here and then bought a new chair for the family room.
This gives Kensington much more room to play with her toys.

Or drink a bottle while watching the big TV.

She started doing this lately…I think it’s because she sees Mommy lying down on the floor like this A LOT, so she’s going to do it too.

And I just posted this picture because I love the hair. That is how she woke up…I didn’t “fix it” like that…so cute!

PS: I didn’t get to go to church AGAIN this morning because I was too sick. I hate missing church. I miss my friends, the fellowship, the message and music. Andrew said he went for both of us…maybe next Sunday I’ll be feeling better. I only had one good day this week, that was Thursday. We spent the afternoon with Erika and Ebby Lee in our play room. Maybe they need to come back??? They seemed to cure my problems.

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  • Ashley Taylor June 29, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Kensington is such a dollface =)