Kensington and Smith go to Europe

Our little family just headed off for our first official BIG adventure…we traveled to Europe! Andrew, Kensington, Smith, Lovie, Papa Jay and I all headed across the pond for big fun. We all flew 10 hours to London, then my mom and dad headed on to Vienna, Austria, while my family of four flew to Amsterdam, Holland (the Netherlands). We had so much fun! This was definitely the first of many, many trips to Europe as a family. All together, my kids visited Holland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany. Not too shabby for two kids under two.

On the day we were leaving, I went in the family room to find this…
The little squirt was hiding in her daddy’s suit case.

All of our luggage at DFW Airport. It takes a lot of luggage for an 11 day vacation.

Off we go! I had just given Kensington her new Snow White and Ariel dolls. If you look closely, you’ll see them in almost every single picture I took on this trip. These two dolls went everywhere with us.

Sweet Smith asleep on the plane.

Click here to see Day Two.

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  • rackersfamily July 27, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    I just finished reading all your posts about Europe… let me just say… you have 2 troopers! It looks like they had so much fun and were so good! wow! what a great family trip.
    I loved seeing Ariel and Snow White in almost every picture… just wait Shay… pretty soon she will want to dress up as Ariel and Snow White and wear THAT everywhere!! ha! love that your getting to experience girls AND boys! 😉

  • The Gleasons July 28, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Ahhh, looks like you had such fun! I have to know where you visited in Hungary. We're Hungarian (I'm actually the only American in my family) and all my family is still there. We're also taking the kiddos back after little Gleason comes. I admire you for braving the plane ride with them!!!! It looks like it can be done….and yes, Smith looks like he was such a trouble maker. 😉