Sweet Basil and Onion Burger

This is Andrew’s go-to burger.  We’re big fans of basil and onion (especially now that we have a little garden!), so when we’re doing basic burgers, this is it.  We add fresh basil to the ground beef, top it with some caramelized onions and then add a side of roasted tomatoes and fresh avocado.  Make this your go-to burger as well!
Happy Friday!
This recipe makes 4 (half-pound) burgers.  
Shopping List
1 big sweet onion, chopped
2 pounds of ground beef
about 2 tablespoons steak seasoning (we used Montreal Steak Seasoning)
about 3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
about a cup of fresh basil leaves, chopped (just a nice big handful of basil)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
salt (we always use sea salt) and pepper
Burger buns

And if you want to make my sides, you’ll need:

a pint of cherry tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Salt and pepper
2 avocados, sliced

Preheat your outdoor grill or indoor grill pan over medium-high heat.

Preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add in a drizzle of EVOO along with your chopped onion and a big pinch of salt and pepper.  Saute your onion until caramelized (about 8 to 10 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, combine your ground beef, steak seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and chopped basil leaves.  Divide beef into four patties.  Make sure you press down in the center of each patty to avoid the burger bulging in the middle when you grill it.

Grill each burger about 6 minutes or so per side.  Serve burgers on top of a bun with caramelized onions down over the tops.

To roast your tomatoes, spread the cherry tomatoes out over a foil lined baking sheet (for easy clean up) and then drizzle EVOO down over the top (about two tablespoons).  Sprinkle a big pinch of sea salt down along with a pinch of pepper.  Roast in a 425 degree oven about 15 minutes.

Slice up your avocado and add a little pinch of sea salt and you’re done!

A burger, roasted tomatoes and sliced avocado…that’s a great summer supper!

PS: You should make these burgers and serve them with yesterday’s Plum Berry Galette

…we’re doing summer right over here :).

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  • Narci June 5, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Yum!! I love a roasted tomato and avocado side! I'm always looking for something different to serve with our burgers! And, that burger looks amazing!!

  • Jenna Sorensen June 5, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Looks delicious!! My husband and I made jucy lucy's last night and I thought of you – have you ever heard of them? I think it's a midwest thing (we're from South Dakota), but it's basically cheese stuffed inside your burger…and in case you're wondering, it's as incredible as it sounds! 🙂 I thought you might like to try it and maybe even come up with a cool way to mix and match it! Just google it and be prepared to drool!

  • Anonymous June 8, 2015 at 2:50 am

    Had fresh basil in garden so I made this for dinner on gas grill. We absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing a great recipe! P.S. I love all your recipes!!