Chocolate Cookie Roll

This 2 ingredient dessert will knock your socks off!  No baking, no measuring, no cutting…so simple that even your toddler could assemble it.  This is the perfect dessert to whip together in no time…the perfect dessert to make in the kitchen with your kiddos…the perfect dessert to enjoy.  It tastes like a big Oreo cookie…soooooo yummy!!

All you need is one box of Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies (they’ll probably be on the top shelf of the cookie aisle) and a large container of Cool Whip.  That’s it!
You take each cookie and spread Cool Whip across the top, then you stack another cookie on top and repeat.  After a few cookies are stacked together, you’ll want to lay them down instead of stacking tall.  I stacked mine together on a piece of foil for easy clean up.
Once they’re all stuck together with Cool Whip, spread extra Cool Whip across the sides and top.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours but up to 3 days.  (The longer it refrigerates, the better it tastes!!)
Remove from fridge and slice.
It slices so beautifully!  Simple, right?  And it is sooooooooo good!
My dad’s mom, Mimi, has been making this for over 60 years!  On the back of the actual cookie box, you’ll see this recipe.  The original recipe calls for homemade whipped cream…but come on, I’m too busy for that.  I used Cool Whip instead and the results were out of this world.  This is one of those go-to recipes you’ll be making time and time again.  Enjoy!
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  • Sharon July 19, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    I know we're all about the mix and match here and just wanted to share how I mix and match this super simple recipe: sometimes I'll add flavoring to the cool whip! I'll mash/puree berries, OR add about a teaspoon (honestly I just add little by little until desired strength) of a mint extract and green food coloring. I've also crushed up some oreos and folded it into the cool whip. I'm also interested in experimenting with spreading nutella, egg-free cookie dough, or a berry jam between the cookies, along with the cool whip! Crumbled chocolate candy would make a great topping/garnish as well. I think the basic recipe is perfect by itself, but it's fun to dress it up when you make it all the time! Usually I refrigerate it about 4 hours to get the cookies a little soggy, and then I freeze it… it's like ice cream cake!

  • Angie March 10, 2015 at 1:32 am

    My grandmother used to make this all the time, delicious!!! We always put it in the freezer for yummy ice cream cake feel.